Hi. I’m Kit Kennedy.

I’m a novelist and ghostwriter with four books currently gracing shelves around the world. Two of them are young adult fiction novels soon to be re-released here (under the new name), and two of them are books I’ve ghosted for other people. Both of those have reached best-seller numbers, but I can’t tell you their titles. (I hear your sighs of disappointment)

My first two novels were published under a different name, but my two lines of work caused a Google problem. (If you’re curious, you can read about that here).

I can’t wait to re-release those novels and share them with you! I’ll also be showcasing some short fiction and blogging on issues relating to life as a Christian in the modern era. I promise that will be interesting, diving into some chunky topics that often get avoided.

When I’m not writing, you can find me doing the photography thing, ghostwriting for functional neurologists or neuroscientists, and attempting to maintain a social life while chasing the busiest toddler known to mankind.

Its nice to meet you. Please stick around.

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