Hi. I’m Kit Kennedy.

I’m a novelist and ghostwriter with a number of books currently gracing shelves around the world.  Two of those have reached best-seller numbers, but I can’t tell you their titles because of non-disclosure agreements. (I hear your collective sighs of disappointment)

I began this blog with the intention of indulging my passion for delving into theology and pulling it apart. It turned out to be a journey through deconstruction of my faith, and the discovery of a new way of engaging with faith and Christianity. Life has thrown some pretty spectacular curveballs over the last five years but I write now from a place of peace, discovery and optimism. I hope that finds its way through in my words

In early 2020, I launched “Unchurchable”: a podcast for people like me who find faith and spirituality to be a whole lot easier than church. Whether we left or were excluded, whether that was because of doctrine, trauma, social justice issues, or something else, that doesn’t lock us out of the spirituality game.

I love it. And I hope you’ll give it a listen (via your favourite podcast site).

When I’m not writing, you can find me doing the photography thing, ghostwriting for functional neurologists or neuroscientists, and attempting to maintain a social life while chasing the busiest two preschoolers known to mIt’sind

Its nice to meet you. Please stick around.

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