What to do if You or Someone You Love is in a Cult

Hey there world, This series has been somewhat of a surprise to me – not in terms of content, but in terms of readership. Ordinarily, I would have gone off into other topics again by now, but due to the fact that this has been picked up by another blog, I need to finish it where I said I would.

I’m doing it via video…eeeeek! Sometimes you need to see whether the person on the other end of the article is a friendly face. I hope you see mine as friendly!

I forgot to raise one thing in the video (because – nerves! I like to be behind the camera not in front of it!) And that is that institutional religion can offer the benefit of solid policies, grievance procedures, and that these can/should exist to protect the people inside it. I meant to say that…but completely forgot. Anyway! Go watch the video, and don’t forget this isn’t a tell all – you’ll need to read the rest of the series if you missed it. 

Thanks for tuning in. I really hope this helps, or at least raises awareness and compassion for what some people may be going through. Cults/high demand groups/toxic groups still happen. They didn’t go out of fashion in the 70’s.

Okay! Go watch if you haven’t already. And if you  need more info, don’t be afraid to consult an expert.
Be safe. Be happy. Be free.
Kit K.


How Do You Know If You’re in a Cult

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  1. vanmartinza says:

    First, that was great! Thank you. Second, you should seriously consider vlogging.


    1. Kit K says:

      Thanks! I hadn’t really considered it…because cameras are SCARY! Ha. But I’ve had a lot of good feedback on this one, so maybe


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