Thank You, Dear Reader

This blog is a fledgling blog. I’ve got big plans for it, because I am the kind of person who thinks big thoughts and thinks them best on paper (or screen). But I wanted to say thanks. I’ve barely promoted this blog, as I’m still shaking off some mental restrictions on my ability to say what is truly on my heart and mind. Despite this fact, my stats page shows me there are 700+ readers out there and a lot of you come back more than once. This is in addition to the many people who have contacted me directly with thanks, encouragement and more than the occasional “Wow! I’ve thought about that too. I just hadn’t told anyone.”

It means the world to me. Thank you.

Among the readers I’m privileged to become acquainted with, there are Christians (fundamentalist, progressive and evolving), there are agnostics, atheists, spiritualists, pagans, people described best as “curious.” There are those who have had positive and negative experiences with church, and those who have only ever maintained a curious distance. The idea that you would take pause to read this blog and send me your thoughts is something that both amazes me and buoys me.

I’ve also loved hearing about the common ground we share, whilst simultaneously feeling heavy-hearted for those who have been scared to speak up about what they believe lest they feel the wrath of both Christians and non-Christians alike. We all need to give ourselves permission to grow, change, reflect, and rethink. But I do understand what its like to fear what would happen if one were to put one’s hand up and say “Well actually, my perspective is slightly different.”

Heck. We live in the era of the internet. And we all know the danger of sharing your opinion here! But strangely, here on the internet, a lovely little community is developing. It warms my heart, but its the thank you messages that fuel me with purpose. I realise that its a lot to follow a writer who is yet to tell you much, if any, of their personal story. That will come in time. In the meantime, its a community developing around the idea of an examined faith, and to me that is such a wonderful thing.

Keep your comments coming – whether they are in personal messages or public comments. Heck, keep your questions coming!

Coming blog posts – scheduled but unfinished because they are *hard* topics to write on – shall feature subjects like “Was Jesus actually a progressive” and “whats the deal with ‘literal’ readings of the Bible” and “Is spiritual warfare actually a form of paganism.”

I have to say, some of these topics are confronting for me. But I’ve released myself from the luxury of looking away from things that are too hard. So here we go, people! Stick around!

Kit. K

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