Coming Soon…


Hola bloggerati,

Hey…how are you? I’m Kit. I’m an author and ghostwriter by trade, and I’ve had a bit of a branding problem. You see, I write supernatural fiction and I’m also a ghostwriter who specialises in chiropractic, functional neurology and neuroscience. Two very different niches there. So after much ado, I’ve decided to adopt a pseudonym so that Google doesn’t confuse the heck out of anyone who wants to find a ghostwriter.

In the weeks to come I’ll be designing this website properly, then launching it with some short fiction, and a serial release of some of my long-form work. I’ll also be blogging about some issues close to my heart — things relating to Christianity in the modern era, how we stay relevant in an increasingly humanistic world, etc.

I’m excited! This is a blog that will possibly be more courageous than previous blogging efforts. It’s taken me years to work up the courage to put my thoughts out there but here I am! I hope you like what you read.

Well…what you will read when I get started.

Thanks for stopping by. This space is going to get a whole lot more interesting. I promise.

Over and out.

Kit K.

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